Is Decorating With Seashells Bad Luck?

Ahh, who doesn’t love a nice relaxing vacation on the beach? Just the sand, the surf, soaking in the sun, and maybe searching for seashells. And, if you’re super lucky you might find the perfect seashell completely in tact! You’re definitely going to take this one home and show it off to everyone! But, maybe on your journey home someone mentions that it’s bad luck to decorate with seashells. Oh no! Is decorating with seashells bad luck?

First, we’ll explore a little into the meaning of seashells and possible reasons or logical explanations behind this superstition as always. Then, we’ll look into different beliefs about luck and seashells. Finally, we’ll decide if it’s bad luck to decorate with seashells. So, sit back and get comfortable. And, let’s start exploring deep into the world of seashells.

What Do Seashells Represent?

Well, first it’s important to look at why seashells are so valuable and why people might want to decorate with them. Obviously, seashells are very pretty! Often times they have the Fibonacci sequence which some people say is actually proof of intelligent design, or at the very least a spiritual message. (You can read more about this here at spiritual meaning of snails.) But, regardless at the very least seashells are aesthetically pleasing and everyone loves to find one!

And, because of this it’s pretty rare to find a seashell entirely in tact. Not only because of other avid seashell hunters, but because the ocean is a powerful force that easily wears down and breaks things apart. As a result, some people say it’s very lucky to find a seashell. So, it only makes sense that decorating with them would be good luck. Right? Well, you might be surprised.

Possible Reasons Why Decorating With Seashells Is Bad Luck

Many seafaring cultures believe keeping a seashell in the home is inviting the sea into your home. And, when you’re living by the sea, obviously it’s nice to appreciate and respect the ocean, but you don’t want it in your house! Some believe that sea spirits live inside of them and bringing them into your home is a recipe for disaster.

There’s also a belief that anything dead in your house is inviting more death into your home. And, that’s exactly what seashells are, the dead homes of sea creatures. When we think about it like that, bringing a dead house into your house doesn’t seem like the best thing for good luck.

decorating with seashells bad luck
Seashells often make beautiful wind chimes!

In addition, if you frequent beaches where seashells and starfish are not allowed to be taken, the ecosystem is much more lively. The coral reefs are generally more healthy as are the fish populations. Taking large amounts of seashells can mess up the entire ecosystem that existed in healthy balance for thousands and thousands of years before.

Also, if you buy seashells at a market, it’s possible the animal was killed for its shell instead of died naturally. That’s not the best omen for good luck either. So, it’s easy to understand where this superstition might have come from. But, not everyone agrees that decorating with seashells is bad luck. In fact, some believe it’s very good luck.

Decorating With Seashells And Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, seashells are often seen as good luck. Seashells act as a protective barrier or shield for the home. It makes sense since it once was a home and a form of protection for a rather vulnerable sea creature from the elements. It’s thought that putting seashells in certain places in your home brings about abundance and good luck. For example, to bring more good luck putting a seashell in a basket brings more prosperity.

And, putting seashells in your home improves communication and the quality of romantic relationships. For instance, putting a picture of your significant other and yourself in a frame with seashells as decoration brings more love and harmony to the relationship. Or, placing a seashell in the kitchen brings more harmony to the entire family. Sounds like pretty good luck to me!

Conclusion – Is It Bad Luck To Decorate With Seashells?

Ultimately, there’s conflicting beliefs about whether it’s bad luck to decorate with seashells. In Hinduism, blowing a conch shell is seen as purifying the environment from evil spirits. In other beliefs, keeping a seashell is seen as inviting destructive spirits into the home! While some say taking shells damages the environment, others say it’s a harmless practice and can really support local economies who desperately need the money.

It’s really a matter of perspective! So, for this one, you will have to listen to your own intuition and feeling on the topic. Most importantly, how do you feel about this practice? If you associate seashells with harmless childhood memories, looking at it will make you smile fondly and probably bring good energy and luck into your home. However, if you feel guilty about stealing a seashell from a forbidden location, you might bring shame and guilt into your reality creating your own bad luck subconsciously.

Final answer. Is it bad luck to decorate with seashells? Maybe! There’s no solid answer here, so it’s impossible to say.

Some people say it’s bad luck. Some people say it’s good luck.
You’ll have to make your own decision on this one!
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