Is It Bad Luck To Frame Your Marriage Certificate?

There’s a lot of superstitions surrounding weddings. Let me tell you, there’s a WHOLE lot of them. You can’t wear this color, or use this flower, or see each other before the ceremony. And, you have to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. And, don’t even get me started about the weather or the day of the week. Whew! So, the wedding is all over and you’re starting to live happily ever after. Afterwards as you’re settling down into your marital abode, you search for a place for your wedding certificate or marriage license. And, maybe you can’t help but wonder if it’s bad luck to frame your marriage certificate? That’s one of those superstitions, right?

Believe it or not, this is an actual pretty common question to have. And, one that seems to be relatively new. So, let’s dive into whether this superstition is based on any sound reasoning. We’ll talk about possible things that could be bad luck when it comes to framing your marriage certificate. And, lastly we’ll decide once and for all if it’s bad luck to frame your special certificate for display.

Logical Explanations Why Framing Your Marriage Certificate Might Be Bad Luck

Believe it or not, there’s not a lot of easily accessible information on whether framing your certificate is bad luck or not. After all, there are no superstitions about framing birth certificates. Not that a lot of people put their birth certificate on display in a frame. But, it seems to be pretty socially acceptable to showcase any certificates earned in career or scholarly fields. And people obviously love putting their wedding photos on display just about everywhere. So, what’s the deal with marriage certificates?

From a realistic standpoint, the most important thing is that your license is kept in a safe place. So, framing a wedding certificate is fine option. It will be kept in great shape and easily accessible there. However, in the case of a burglary, a fire, or any natural disaster, it might be best to keep your important paperwork in a fire-proof safe or some other secure location. Still, there’s no actual reason why it would be bad luck to frame it apart from this. It’s still something to consider when it comes to storing keepsakes.

marriage certificate bad luck
Your marriage certificate is a precious keepsake.

Possible Things To Consider While Framing Your Certificate

So, you’ve decided to frame yours! Now what? Is there anything you should know about a particular type of framing? Actually, yes.

From a spiritual standpoint, putting things in a frame behind glass freezes them as they are. So, if you want to keep the happy, blissful feeling of newlyweds, it might be a great time to frame your certificate. However, if you’re 20 years into a really struggling marriage, then you might just want to leave it as it is if you’re a superstitious person.

It’s also important to research frame color and location choices for hanging your certificate. For example, in Feng Shui seashells supposedly bring great communication into relationships. But, in general wood and water type elements are meant to bring harmony and peace to the subject in the frame. And, you might want to be careful with metal frames since they can indicate a cold severing. Yikes! But ultimately, remember it’s up to your own personal beliefs even when it comes to luck.

And, as far as location, hallways are great for directing clear direct flowing energies in your marriage. The living room or the family room is also a great choice as well. After all, that’s where you gather to spend time with your loved ones.

Broken Glass And Frames And Marriage Certificates

So far, the overall consensus is that it’s not bad luck to frame your marriage certificate for the most part. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing to do so.

First, hanging something in a frame allows for it to possibly fall! And, there’s all sorts of ominous meanings behind a picture falling off the wall. It could spell trouble in the relationship if you believe in omens. It’s also said that if the glass breaks, this could be an even more dire sign of trouble in relationship paradise. Both of these could be bad luck for sure. You know what action can avoid both of these issues? Not framing your wedding certificate. Something to think about at least!

Conclusion – Is Framing Your Marriage Certificate Bad Luck?

Despite not finding much history or mention of this particular superstition, generally there seems to be no belief that your marriage or yourself will have bad luck by framing your marriage certificate. There are very unlikely possibilities of a loss of it due to fire or bringing on bad luck because of the frame possibly falling and shattering. But, generally most marriage certificates will be just fine as a pretty keepsake to hang on the wall. A great way to capture a precious day you hope to celebrate forever. So, if you want to frame your marriage certificate, no one is stopping you!

So, final answer, is it bad luck to frame your marriage certificate? No.

You’re pretty safe hanging your marriage certificate.
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