Is It Bad Luck To Drop An Egg?

bad luck to drop an egg

Ah, another morning. Why not start the day off right with some quick scrambled eggs for breakfast? Everything is going according to plan when suddenly… PLOP! Oh no, an egg slips out of your hand and lands on the floor! A lot of things are probably crossing your mind at this point. Maybe you’re even … Read more

Is Eating The First Snow Bad Luck?

What kid doesn’t love the first snow of the season? In some parts of the world, it might be years in between snow falls. How incredibly exciting! Time to build a snow man, make snow angels, throw snowballs, and try to catch snowflakes on your tongue! Or maybe we should get some cream, sugar, and … Read more

Is Eating In The Dark Bad Luck?

eating in the dark bad luck

We’ve all been there. It’s somewhere in the middle of the night, everyone is sleeping and all is quiet. And then, you suddenly remember that amazing pizza leftover from earlier on. Or, maybe the rest of that delicious chocolate cake just sitting there. What’s a little bite going to hurt? And, then maybe you remember … Read more