Is Whistling Indoors Bad Luck?

Have you heard that it’s bad luck to whistle in the house? Surely, this is a mistake. What can be the harm in whistling indoors a little while you’re doing chores around the place? Or, maybe you’re just enjoying your favorite song while making breakfast. Or, maybe you’re even whistling to call the dog! Surely, that’s okay, right?

Well, in some areas like the Ukraine, Estonia, and Latvia, it’s considered extremely bad luck. But, this superstition is found in many locations in many forms. Many say that financial ruin and bad fortune will come soon to your house, as you are whistling your money away. Some superstitions even say that your house will be consumed by fire or explode. Yikes! So, is whistling in your house a really bad idea or not?

First, we have to look at the possible logical explanations behind a superstition. Often times, believe it or not, superstitions are for a good reason. Then, we’ll get into other superstitions around whistling and if it’s ever good luck to whistle inside. Finally, once and for all, we’ll decide if whistling indoors is bad luck or not. So, grab a drink and get comfortable. We’re getting ready to dive deep into the superstition of whistling indoors!

Possible Explanations Why Whistling Indoors Is Bad

So, it’s actually pretty easy to understand why the superstition of it being bad luck to whistle in the house came about. Imagine, you’re a grandmother cleaning your house and watching the grandchildren. And, they simply won’t stop whistling. Whistling in a small space is incredibly irritating, the sound just keeps bouncing off the walls echoing louder and louder. And, it goes on and on. Until finally you snap, your whistling is driving me crazy! I’m going burn this whole house down myself unless you stop that whistling!

Okay, that is a definite possible, relatable explanation. However, the superstition generally connects whistling inside with financial ruin. And, this could make sense. One who is carefree and obvious going about their life whistling, doesn’t probably care too much about serious issues like saving money and fiscal responsibility. So, if you stop the whistling you stop the careless spending, right?

But, the superstition of whistling being bad luck isn’t only indoors. In fact, in many cultures across the world it is bad luck to whistle at all. Sailors especially thought it to be extremely bad luck to whistle on a ship otherwise a shipwreck would be imminent. Miners refused to go in the mine if they heard whistling because it was thought to be an omen disaster would come to them all.

From a realistic perspective, this could make sense. A whistling sound could be a sign that something is broken. Maybe a valve is failing or there’s gas leak. That might explain the explosion. Or even, the wind is coming in from outside and the structure is no longer secure. If you’re whistling, you might miss this vital, audible clue. That’s possible.

However, it’s generally thought that whistle attracts unsavory spirits. And, whatever you do, don’t whistle at night!

It’s Bad Luck To Whistle At Night As Well

If you want to double your bad luck, whistle inside at night! That’s right, it’s thought to be bad luck to whistle at night regardless of if you’re inside or out. In many cultures across the world, ranging from Turkey to Korea, it is thought that whistling at night attracts evil spirits and wandering ghosts. It’s bad luck especially if you whistle on the street at night. You’ll be attracting all sorts of spirits from everywhere!

whistling indoors is bad luck
Just this picture alone lets me know it’s possibly bad luck to whistle inside.

From a logical standpoint, whistling brings unnecessary attention to you at night. You never know who is loitering around in the darkness nearby, whether physically in this reality or on the other side. For instance, your whistling might wake up a bear. And, it’s pretty bad luck to be chased by a bear. Well, the same can go in your home. If it’s night and you’re whistling in your house, the last thing you want is to attract wild animals to hang outside of your door. Especially if you make the mistake of sweeping at night and open the door. That’s definitely triple bad luck!

But still, it’s thought that spirits communicate with each other through sounds much like whistling. In fact, some yoga practitioners believe whistling can call about supernatural beings and even weather changes. Which also explains why the sailors don’t like whistling, it brings storms! After all, they’re wind and ethereal. And, whistling is all wind pretty much because there’s no words with it. So, if you don’t want to communicate with spirits, or accidentally summon a thunderstorm, you might want to hum a melody instead of whistling. Especially at night.

Is Whistling Indoors Ever Good Luck?

Okay, so we know that whistling is possibly a way of communicating with ghosts and spirits. But, is it ever good luck to whistle inside? Actually, some people believe that it is. In some cultures, there is a belief that blowing whistles specifically gets rid of ghosts and negative energy hanging around. Especially in dark corners of rooms. This makes sense! After all, if whistling attracts spirits, then it can also repel them. Depending on what you communicate, of course. Or well, maybe your terrible whistling makes them leave the area even in the afterlife.

This is a similar idea behind the clearing bell or brass bell cleansing negative energy from an area. Sound, including whistling, breaks up any stagnant energy on the other side. So, it’s safe to say that if one is a skilled whistler, they could possibly bring good luck into a home by getting the bad energy to leave.

After all, if a bad spirit has the power to bring you into financial ruin according to the original superstition. Then, it follows logic that the right spirit could possibly bring you financial fortune. Of course, this is all a matter of belief and make sure to apply it to your own as you see fit. And, of course, take into account your whistling skills.

Conclusion – Is It Bad Luck To Whistle Indoors?

So, we’ve covered all the possible things that can go wrong when you whistle indoors. It’s irritating to the living, the dead, and the otherworldly. You’ll end up poor and destitute. You might a sink a ship if you whistle inside of one. Or, your house might even burst into flames. Well, at the very least your family might tell you to get until you stop that incessant whistling. Either way, it’s all pretty serious bad luck!

On the other hand, some cultures believe you can get rid of bad energy and negative entities by whistling. Ultimately, this one comes down to your own personal beliefs and culture.

Would I personally risk whistling indoors? Probably not, especially if other living beings are around me. But, if you’re home alone and don’t care about the possible repercussions, it’s ultimately up to you and your own world view.

Final answer: Is it bad luck to whistle indoors? Maybe.

This one really depends on personal beliefs.
If it feels like it’s bad luck, don’t do it!
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