Is Killing A Ladybug Bad Luck?

Have you ever heard the superstition that killing a ladybug is bad luck? Or maybe killing a ladybird or a lady beetle even. They go by all sorts of different names and come in all sorts of different colors. But one thing is for sure. Despite the different names or cultures, ladybugs are generally thought to be good luck across the world! Maybe, it’s their super sweet markings that sometimes look like little hearts. Or, maybe the striking red color with polka dots. Of course, ladybugs mean good luck, abundance, and love is on the way. Just look at them! I mean really, is there a bug that’s cuter? It’s always a lovely day when a ladybug pays you a visit. But, does this mean killing a lady bug is bad luck?

Surely this superstition has more behind it than just killing something that’s super cute is bad luck, right? Well, you’re in the right place. First, we’ll explore the possible explanations behind this superstition. Believe it or not, most superstitions are rooted in perfect logic. Then, we’ll look into the meaning of dead ladybugs and finally get to the real answer! So, get comfortable and get ready to learn all about the surprising ladybug.

Possible Reasons Why Killing A Ladybug Is Bad Luck

Alright, so everyone knows that ladybugs are cute. Most of us as children have played with them, watching in glee and they fly away after landing on us. You might have even been told that if one lands on you, you can make a wish on it and when it flies away your wish will come true. How cute of a memory! Surely, killing one of these is the same as killing the hope of your wish coming true.

We get it, nobody likes to go around killing cute things. But, there’s not really a superstition that killing a cute little rabbit is bad luck. In fact, many people believe that carrying a rabbit’s foot is extremely good luck. Why is it bad luck to kill ladybugs?

Well, believe it or not, ladybugs are a pretty important part in farming. They eat tiny bugs called aphids and other sap feeder bugs that can easily destroy crops. And, nobody wants their crops eaten up by bugs! So, it’s easy to understand why ladybugs have an association with good luck. And, it’s also easy to understand logically why killing one might be bad luck. You kill the ladybugs, they don’t eat the aphids, the aphids eat your crops, and you end up hungry with no crops. So, don’t kill the ladybugs. Problem solved. But, is it always that cut and dry?

killing a ladybug bad luck
Should you ever kill a lady bug?

Is Killing A Ladybug Ever Good Luck?

Well, if you ever had an experience with a ladybug infestation, then you might understand the need to kill a ladybug. Because, let me tell you, a ladybug infestation is not fun. They come in very thick swarms in the hundreds. They smell pretty bad because they omit an odor when threatened for self defense. And, they can easily attract other creepy crawlies who want to feed on them! Oh yeah, and they bite.

So, from a practical standpoint, it might be necessary to kill a few ladybugs in some instances. While the superstition also says that it’s good luck to have a ladybug in your home, it’s definitely like maybe a one or two of them at best. Nobody wants to have a swarm of bugs in their home. Also, nobody would argue that keeping a swarm of bugs in your home is good luck. Along the same line, it’s probably necessary to kill a few of them to get them out of your home. So, in this instance, it probably is good luck to kill a ladybug.

What If The Ladybug Is Already Dead? Is It Bad Luck Then?

So, how about if you don’t kill the ladybug, but stumble upon one already deceased. Is it bad luck to find an already dead ladybug? Well, since ladybugs have a connection with abundance, love, and good luck, finding a dead one might mean those things might be dead in your life. That doesn’t sound too promising does it? But, remember, death isn’t necessarily the end. Death allows for rebirth and transformation. You can read more about dead ladybugs from a spiritual perspective here.

But, is finding a dead ladybug bad luck? Maybe. Something better could be on the way for you. For instance, let’s say you find a bunch of dead ladybugs in your car and then later on your car breaks down and can’t be repaired or is totaled in an accident or whatever. But, because of that you are able to finally get that new car you’ve been looking at for a long time. That’s bad luck leading to good luck, so it’s all really a matter of perspective.

ladybug on hand bad luck
Ladybugs are thought to bring extra good luck if one lands on you.

In Conclusion – Is It Bad Luck To Kill A Ladybug?

So, by now we know that killing a ladybug is viewed as a bad omen by most. It’s thought that killing a ladybug is the same as rejecting your wishes coming true or good luck. And, everyone could use a little more abundance and love in their life, right? So, better safe than sorry when it comes to this one. Also, I can’t find any sources that argue that killing a ladybug brings about good luck. Well, except that one exterminator’s website. But, generally, it’s important to look at any source with critical thinking.

Does thIs mean that accidentally killing a ladybug means you’re cursed? Or, if that you have a ladybug infestation you should just learn to live with them? Probably not. You have to do what you have to do. And, don’t feel bad about it. It’s possible to have too much of a good thing sometimes. But, since the overwhelming majority of sources say it is bad luck to kill a ladybug, this one has a clear cut answer.

So, is it bad luck to kill a ladybug? In most cases – Yes.

It’s probably not good luck to go around killing cute ladybugs for no reason!
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