Is Eating The First Snow Bad Luck?

What kid doesn’t love the first snow of the season? In some parts of the world, it might be years in between snow falls. How incredibly exciting! Time to build a snow man, make snow angels, throw snowballs, and try to catch snowflakes on your tongue! Or maybe we should get some cream, sugar, and … Read more

Is It Bad Luck To Flip A Calendar Early?

Did somebody scold you for flipping from May to June a few days early, telling you it’s bad luck to flip a calendar early? Well, you’re not alone, it’s probably happened to a lot us. Across the globe, kids flip their calendar ahead for a lot of reasons. Maybe they’re planning out how to save … Read more

Is Eating In The Dark Bad Luck?

eating in the dark bad luck

We’ve all been there. It’s somewhere in the middle of the night, everyone is sleeping and all is quiet. And then, you suddenly remember that amazing pizza leftover from earlier on. Or, maybe the rest of that delicious chocolate cake just sitting there. What’s a little bite going to hurt? And, then maybe you remember … Read more

Is A Hat On The Bed Bad Luck?

Is it bad luck to put a hat on the bed? Or, maybe growing up your grandparents told you to never put a hat on the bed. I’ve heard stories that putting a hat on the bed can mean that someone will die! That’s pretty serious. Other people say it means trouble in a relationship, … Read more

Is Reusing Birthday Candles Bad Luck?

Ah, another year around the sun. This calls for a celebration! Time to buy a delicious cake and throw a birthday party. We have the guests, the ice cream, the gifts. And, don’t forget the most important part – the birthday candles! After all, you can’t have a proper birthday party without singing “Happy Birthday” … Read more

Is It Bad Luck To Put A Tent Up Indoors?

Is it bad luck to put a tent up indoors? It’s a question pitched to us once in a while (pun intended). However, it seems to be more of an extension of logic than a genuine traditional belief. So, let’s look at this together and find out whether you need to worry about “bad luck” … Read more

Is It Bad Luck To Have A Wild Bird In The House?

Growing up, whenever an open window let a bird in the house, my grandparents would rush around trying to let the bird out, because they were afraid of bad luck. So, according to them, a wild bird in the house definitely is bad luck—but, that’s not the end of the story, in this article we’re … Read more